-about geothermal systems-

How much is a geothermal system going to cost?

The cost of a geothermal system varies significantly depending on many variables:

  • There are many different manufacturers of heat pumps and the price and quality varies.
  • The square footage of the house or building, and a heat loss calculation will determine the size of the heat pump and therefore the amount of geo pipe that needs to be installed.
  • Features such as radiant heat will increase the price over a normal forced air system.

In order to get an accurate price range, get a quote. It’s free and tailored to your specific situation.

What are the advantages of a geothermal heating system?

There are many advantages to geothermal systems.

  • A ground source heat pump is designed to both heat and cool your house.
  • An exterior A/C unit for cooling is not required.
  • The heat pump is quiet and is kept inside the house so it is not exposed to the elements.
  • The heat pump does not burn any fossil fuels and is therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Finally, geothermal systems cost significantly less money to operate.
  • Estimates put your combined heating and cooling costs at 50 – 80% less than conventional systems.

Do I need to drill, and how deep do the holes have to be?

Most geothermal systems require some drilling unless your property is large enough to dig in long trenches, or you live close to a body of water. See the Geothermal Systems. The depth of each bore hole is not important because the temperature of the ground is relatively the same at 6ft as it is at 200ft. The size of the geothermal system and the ground conditions at your property will determine how many feet of geothermal pipe you need to have installed.

What type of ground is best for geothermal systems?

Very hard rock such as granite tends to provide the best conductivity and therefore is very efficient in geothermal applications. However, softer rock like limestone or materials like sand and clay will work just as effectively but you may need a few more feet of geothermal pipe installed.

Are the costs for drilling rock different than for sand, clay or gravel?

Yes. The cost associated with drilling different ground conditions varies. Each ground condition is drilled differently and each condition presents unique challenges. We will supply a quote for your specific location.

What is the difference between an Air to Air heat pump and a Ground Source heat pump (Geothermal Heat pump)?

Air to air heat pumps use the outside air to heat your house. As the temperature of the outside air drops so does the efficiency of your heat pump. A ground source heat pump is much more efficient because the temperature of the ground or the ground water is constant year round.